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That Exciting Moment!

I look into your eyes
I feel lost
I gather myself like pools of water
Only to be lost again
When I look into your eyes.....

😍😍😍😍- Bell

featured outfit: Hope Dress 

Virtual Diva's delicious Hope dress. Poses are Royal and Timeless which are also available @ Virtual Diva.

Style Card: Hair; Iconic, Makeup: Delizio, Jewelry: Gewunjo, Shoes: Glamistry


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Life of the Party??

Waiting for you ..
Hope you like what you see
but really I am happy with what I see
Everyday I wake and look into eyes that
know her worth 😄😄😄😄


The photos in this blog were taken @ my home and Azisa's Saloon...Where Country music is hot (DJ Trinity.delphin!
Designs featured are from LUXE PARIS. They are new releases for your best look during the month of love ....

Pose: Tiara , poses by KiKay

Here I am waiting for you to pick me up for a night on the town. Featured gown: Moonstruck
Style Card: Hair, Virtual Diva;Jewelry, Finesmith and Makeup:Face Paint

Dancing @ Asiza's Saloon in Luxe Paris Ocean Dress. This dress is fun and can go any where.

Line dancers: The DJ, Bell della Rosa, Asizawolf and shandris.dagger

Featured dress is POPART. Cute mini sheath dress in bright berry.
Standing by the stage coach holding my heart pillow. The double heart pillow can be found @ the Harambee Hunt for 1L.

The Earth is Speaking...

Elements of the earth:
Earth Wind and Fire
Symptoms in the earth
Fires from Volcanoes
Lightening strikes of storms
The over flow of water..
These are the symptoms of an
angry earth.
It's okay to see sometimes
Too many appearances will change life as we know it.

Prey has items exclusively for the Trunk Show  Event that begins Sunday, 3/12/2017. Find the best in couture.

Featured outfit by Prey: Fired Up..This dress is literally on fire with bronze wings, bronze horns. necklace and a beautiful Roman Gown. This all says divine.

Style Card:Hair: EMotion, Jewelry: Emeralda, Makeup: MRM (Milla Rasmuson Makeup) Sophia

Featured outfit by Prey: Storm...Maker of divine storms comes with harnessed body suit, wings and clouds.
Style Card: MRM (Milla Rasmuson Makeup) Trucco Tiger Fantasy, Shoes: Zibaska

Not shown is:

Tag You're It!!....

Going from place to place...  I feel you following me... I look back and see your shadow..... corner of your eye you miss me.... I got you.. Tag you're it 😄
Tag Sale @ Sunset Mist Town Square....

Lara AC outfits: Featured Leather Skirt set Milinia, mesh outfit Caitlin and Sexy Leather outfit Trill.
Style Card: Hair: Emotion, ICONIC, Jewelry: Gabriel

Featured item: Sondra's Spaghetti Strap Cami Dress features all the colors in the fatback. This dress is for all  occasions. 

Style Card: Hair: Noelle, Jacq and Lucky rain cap, Head wrap: ICONIC

Featured item: SLC Mesh Elegant Cow Back Satin lindi.
Card Style: Hair: Emotion, Jewelry: Finesmith, Heels: Glamistry

Featured item: Low Prim Living's Wooden Wash Tub with Bubbles and 12 animations.
Style Card: Hair Argrace

Featured outfit: Serena plain and frilly mesh dress with heels. It comes with a HUD with the ability to change colors. ..

KiKay pose: Forever Love Couple pose.
Style Card: Hair: Exxess, Flowers: Lode